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Importing Skyglow & UDM files into Excel

Skyglow Standard format readings files can be imported into Microsoft Excel. Since the UDM data file format is based on the Skyglow Standard, they can also be imported into Excel.

The instructions below are written for Excel 2007.

  1. Open Excel.

  2. Change the decimal separator character if necessary
    If your Windows Regional Settings specify that decimal numbers use the comma character instead of the period character to separate fractional digits from integer digits, you need to change a setting in Excel that recognizes the period character as the spearator. The Skyglow Standard format dictates that the period character should be used.

    To change this setting:
    1. Click the Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the program window.
    2. Click Excel Options.
    3. On the Advanced tab under Editing options, uncheck 'Use system separators'.
    4. Set Decimal separator to '.'.
    5. Set Thousands separator to ',' .
    6. Click OK to record the changes.

  3. Select the Data tab and click 'From Text'.
    1. Use the Open dialog box to select the file you wish to import. To see all files in a folder, change the File Type extension filter in the bottom right corner of the dialog box to 'All Files (*.*)'.
    2. Click Import.

  4. Complete the Text Import Wizard.
    1. Choose Delimited, not Fixed width format.
    2. Start import at row 36 (the first row that does not begin with #). Click Next.
    3. Uncheck all character delimiters and check Semicolon. Click Next.
    4. Click Finish.