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File Sharing Conflicts

SQM Reade Pro opens readings data files for writing and expects the files to be available. SQM Reader Pro also opens these files for transmission to an FTP server, but files are opened in non-exclusive read mode. Thus, if you are having a file sharing conflict, you should check other processes that may be accessing the readings data files. Other processes should open readings files with shared non-exclusive access.

A retry strategy is implemented in SQM Reader Pro, but it is undocumented because most users will find managing retries unnecessary or difficult to configure given the time constraints of the entire data sampling and processing cycle. Knightware recommends that you manage file conflicts in client processes that use readings file. If you choose to use retries in opening readings data files (both native CSV format and Skyglow format), please proceed at your own risk.

The number of retries and the wait time between retries should be chosen with your processing configuration in mind. That is, if you are reading once a minute, sending all files to an FTP server or processors, very little time is left for retries. A large wait time and several retries will likely exceed the time required to complete processing of a reading.

Configure retries in your sqmreader.ini file. It is located at C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Roaming\Knightware\SQM Reader Pro 3. Add these lines to your sqmreader.ini file:

FileRetries=n where n is the number of attempts to open the file after the initial failed try. A value of 2 is recommended as this provides 3 total attempts to access the file.

FileWait=mmmm where mmmm is the number of milliseconds to wait between attempts. A value of 1000 is recommended as this gives a small wait between attempts without consuming time that is needed for subsequent tasks.