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Solving Display Problems on High Resolution Monitors

SQM Reader Pro 3 is designed to run on high resolution display monitors. It has been tested on 4k and 5k Ultra HD resolutions. The program supports 'Per System DPI' but not 'Per Monitor DPI' settings. This means that the program uses the display settings of the monitor on which it is started, but doesn't recognize a change when the program is moved to a monitor with different settings. If you have a single monitor system or a multi-monitor system with matching resolution and scale settings, there should be no display issues.

The multi-monitor issue is a shortcoming of the user Interface software used in SQM Reader Pro. As of this writing, the software development tools vendor is aware of these issues and has promised an update late in 2017 that addresses them.

Workaround for display issues on multi-monitor systems

SQM Reader Pro saves its program window display settings when the program is closed. Therefore, closing it on a 2k monitor with 100% scaling and starting it on a 4k monitor with 200% scaling results in display problems. To overcome this,