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Product Information

Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition (DSPME) provides real time astronomical observation planning for Android and iOS phones and tablets. It gives users access to the extensive Deep-Sky Planner Plan Library. In addition, observing plans can be transferred from Deep-Sky Planner for Windows to DSPME using any of the supported Cloud Services (currently Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). You can transfer your equipment and location definitions using Cloud Services too.

Observing plans are lists of objects that include essential object information like coordinates, magnitude, size, best time to observe, etc. Lists may contain any star or deep-sky object, as well as planets, sun, moon, asteroids and comets. Elements for asteroids and comets must be provided in plans created by Deep-Sky Planner version 7.3.4 or later.

The app computes accurate object information for the user's time and location. In addition, it can provide a visibility prediction using the user's equipment, observing conditions and object data. Object images can be downloaded and displayed for all objects in a plan or individually on demand. Several app styles ship with the app including a nightvision style as shown below.

Dspme on phone
Home screen (Android phone)
Dspme on tablet
Plans in Community (8" Android tablet)
Dspme on tablet
Object detail, Plan screen (10" iPad)


Technical Details

Deep-Sky Planner Mobile Edition is a native code (ARM), cross-platform, compiled app. It is capable of the extensive calculations required for astronomy and the complex requirements of running on Android and iOS phones and tablets. The app has been under development since 2017 and contains over 44,000 lines of C++ source code. The app had been tested on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.