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Deep-Sky Planner 8 Trial Edition

Free Astronomy Software

Trial Edition splash

This trial edition is free astronomy software. It allows users to plan and log observations of sun, moon, planets, asteroids, comets, Extended Hipparcos stars and deep-sky objects found in the Messier and Caldwell catalogs. It also includes the useful and popular Darkness Text and Graphical reports. The trial edition is free of charge and can be downloaded below. For your security, the setup and program files are digitally signed by Knightware.

Although the database and feature set are limited, users can discover the ease of use and level of detail present in the full edition. Full product documentation is supplied with the trial edition. You can learn about the full edition or upgrade to the full edition in the Knightware Store.

All editions of Deep-Sky Planner 8 work with Windows 10 and 8.1. Deep-Sky Planner 8 is designed to work with Windows user account security features enabled.

Try It...

Deep-Sky Planner is the product of 35+ years of observing the night sky and 30+ years development. Give it a try and see if it can help you get the most from your observing and imaging efforts.



Feature Matrix

Feature Trial Edition

Full Edition

Light and dark app styles check check
Hi-res monitor scaling (4k and above). check check
Sun, moon, planet ephemeris reports check check
Sun, moon, planet events reports check check
Astronomical darkness reports check check
Asteroid and comet reports check check
Update orbital elements (recent elements included) check
manual editing only
manual editing and online updates
Star catalog reports (variables, doubles, carbons and others) check
117,955 stars
719,175 objects
Deep-sky catalog reports

110 Messier objects, 114 Caldwell objects

891,078 objects

Save reports to HTML, CSV, Text, ICS formats   check
Observing Plan Editing (manual or copy & paste) check
Most edits cannot be saved
Observing Plan Reports (runs in real-time or for a specific date/time) check check
Sample Observing Plans (included in installation) check check
Observing Plan & Equipment Libraries (online Community)   check
Import observing plans from text lists or CSV files   check
Export observing plans to Argo Navis, Nexus DSC, Sky Commander, ACP, Astro Photography Tool, Cartes du Ciel, Sequence Generator Pro, SkySafari   check
Smart DSS download and DSS image display in reports check check
DSS image manager   check
Object designation matching engine check check
Telescope control (ASCOM 6 and earlier) check check
Push To support for Argo Navis, Nexus DSC, Sky Commander (wireless & serial cable) check check
Visibility Modeling predictions check check
Smart chart interoperation
(Cdc 3+, Redshift 7+, Starry Night 6+, Stellarium, TheSky 6 & X)
Observation log check check
Observation log reports check check
OpenAstronomyLog2.1 import/export   check
Equipment/ Sky Conditions Bar check check
Automatically read Sky Quality Meter and weather device   check
Backup/restore user options and data check check
Context sensitive online help & user's guide (PDF) check check



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Users of the trial edition are not entitled to technical support, but you are urged to join the Deep-Sky Planner discussion group where other users may be able to answer questions. You can also follow our Facebook page where product announcements appear.

Please do not distribute this trial edition on other web sites...

Knightware retains all copyrights, including the right of distribution. The trial edition will function for a few months. Knightware will evaluate the response to the trial edition during this time and decide whether to continue to make it available.

Please click Download to get Deep-Sky Planner 8 Trial Edition (21 MB)
Make sure to save the setup file to your hard drive before running it.
Deep-Sky Planner 8 Trial Edition License Agreement Adobe Reader.

The setup and program files are digitally signed by Knightware.

(No personal data is collected.)
Last updated: 16 Jan 2021