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Telescope Control

Deep-Sky Planner 8 uses the ASCOM software package to control your telescope and provide real-time feedback from your telescope or digital setting circles (DSC). Deep-Sky Planner has been tested with ASCOM 6.5. Telescope control is a standard feature in Deep-Sky Planner. ascom

Click here to determine whether telescope control support is available for your equipment through ASCOM.

You can slew your telescope to any reported object in Deep-Sky Planner with just a mouse click, or synchronize the coordinates of your telescope or digital setting circles (DSC) to the position of any reported object. These operations are performed asynchronously if your equipment's driver supports it. (Synchronous operation causes your computer to 'freeze' while the telescope processes your command - asynchronous operation avoids the 'freeze' so that your computer continues running and responding normally.)

scope control
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Deep-Sky Planner gives you more than just Go To telescope control. You can:

telescope control info

Setting Observing Site Latitude & Longitude for Deep-Sky Planner using Telescope Control Information


pushto argo navis sky commander
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The Push-To feature allows you to transmit the position of any object in a Deep-Sky Planner report to Nexus DSC, Argo Navis or Sky Commander digital setting circles (DSC). The Push-To feature does not require ASCOM. Once the data is transmitted, you can use the device's guiding feature to locate the object. This is extremely useful to 'Push-To' observers that want to observe objects that are not known to the connected DSC device. This extends the capability of the DSC by making it capable of locating any asteroid, comet or other object.

You can connect to your DSC wirelessly from Deep-Sky Planner wtihout virtual comm port software like COM2TCP or HW's VCP. See connection information for:

astro deviceswildcard innovations

Special Note for Users of Software Bisque's Paramount Products

You should configure TheSky to control the Paramount, and choose TheSky controlled telescope in Deep-Sky Planner to be your ASCOM driver. This allows Deep-Sky Planner to send commands through TheSky to the mount.