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Carbon, Variable & Double Star Observing

Deep-Sky Planner 8 allows you to search through a database of over 700,000 stars from 7 catalogs - carbon stars, double stars, variable stars and ordinary stars - and report results in a tabular format. In addition to essential object data, the contents of a report can be configured to include or exclude any item (column) of data. Deep-Sky Planner also computes high precision ephemerides for well-studied visual double stars, as well as the date & time of next light extrema for well-studied variable stars.

The star atlases cross referenced in Deep-Sky Planner reports include:

Click here to see a list of star catalogs included with Deep-Sky Planner.

Star catalog search criteria include:

The results can be sorted in any combination of ascending or descending order of any one or more data items (columns) in the report.

You can also:

Double Star Report

The example report shows a search of double stars brighter than magnitude 8 in Cepheus above the local horizon at 11 pm on 7 November 2020 and sorted by year of the double star measurement. Double stars with high precision ephemeris data available show the year for which the measurement is calculated (2020.85 in the example) and the quality of the ephemeris data used to produce the calculation. The calculated separation and position angle data are accurate for the ephemeris date & time of the report - 11 pm on 7 November 2020.

Variable Star Report

The example Variable Star report shows a search of bright red variable stars above the local horizon at 11 pm on 7 November 2020, and sorted by time of next light extrema.