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Star Chart

Star Chart Program Interoperation

Deep-Sky Planner 8 interoperates with several with the leading planetarium programs giving you the very best star charting capability available. You can center any supported program's star chart display on any object reported by Deep-Sky Planner with just a mouse click. The 'Show Chart' feature does not require that the reported object be in the database of the planetarium program for the display to move to the object's position.

Deep-Sky Planner verifies that the date, time and geographic location used to compute an object's position matches that of the displayed chart in the planetarium program. This is most important for fast moving objects like asteroids, comets and planets. The epoch of the computation is also matched to the model used by the planetarium software, also assuring you of the highest accuracy between products. You can synchronize the time and location settings used in your planetarium software to that used in your Deep-Sky Planner report.

Introducing Smart Chart Interoperation™

Deep-Sky Planner 8 employs smart interoperation features to help make using your favorite planetarium program easier. You can change the field of view setting in your planetarium program's star chart display when you 'Show Chart' if you wish. The field can be changed to a fixed field of view size, or scaled to a multiple of the size of the object in the report, or scaled to a multiple of the field of view of your current equipment bar selections. You can change the magnitude of the brightest stars shown to a fixed value or the magnitude limit of your current equipment bar selections. You can also elect to minimize Deep-Sky Planner when you 'Show Chart', thereby revealing the star chart display instantly.

Supported star chart programs include:

Please see the knowledgebase article about your star chart program for additional details.

You can get an idea of how interoperation works by watching this video demonstrating Deep-Sky Planner 8 and Stellarium. Click Large, Medium or Small buttons to change the size of the video player to suit viewing on your monitor or mobile device.