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Information Topics

By Observing Interest:

• deep-sky objects
• variable stars
• double stars
• carbon stars
• comets
• asteroids
• planets/sun/moon
astronomical darkness
• observing plans
• observing log
• star charting
• telescope control

By General Interest:

• User interface
• Custom reporting
• Documentation
• Accuracy
• Technical Details

Deep-Sky Planner 8 Features

Product Information

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Deep-Sky Planner is comprehensive astronomical planning and logging software for visual observers and astro-imagers. Deep-Sky Planner was published initially in 1994; the current version (8) was released in November 2020.

Deep-Sky Planner can meet the needs of any astronomer from beginner to professional. It helps users whether they are imaging or observing visually with telescopes or binoculars.

The video below demonstrates some of the newest features in Deep-Sky Planner 8. Click on the video to view it, or visit the Video Library for more videos.

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Newest Features

Why Deep-Sky Planner is different ...

Astronomy software doesn't have to be hard to use!


Technical Details

Deep-Sky Planner has been designed from the beginning (1991) using object-oriented techniques, and takes extensive advantage of object-oriented design patterns and programming. Agile development methodology (modified scrum) has been employed throughout the development of version 8. Requirements analysis, UML modeling and automated testing round out the engineering effort.  Automated bug tracking and source code control help to manage the result.

The application has been developed over a period of 30 years and contains over 150,000 lines of C++ source code. Python scripts and the DUnitX framework support development and testing.

Most development occurs on a 3.3 GHz i5 machine running Windows 10 Professional (64-bit). In-house testing occurs on this machine, various computers running Windows 8.1 and 7 (a mix of 32 & 64 bit editions). The test team uses a variety of desktop, laptop and tablet computers.