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Logging Topics

• Observation Browser

• Observing Projects


Observing Log

The comprehensive observing log feature is fully integrated with all object reports. You can click on any object in a report and show details of past observations of the object, or add new observations to the log. The observing plam, deep-sky, star, comet and asteroid search reports permit searching for observed and unobserved objects.

oalDeep-Sky Planner 8 offers extraordinary data exchange capability for the observing log:

About the Observing Log


The following video demonstrates several features of the Observation Browser using Deep-Sky Planner 5. These features are present in Deep-Sky Planner 8.

Observing Log Project Manager  

The Observing Project Manager helps organize your visual and imaging observations. The Observing Project Manager allows you to manage Observing Log entries much like the Windows Explorer allows you to manage your files by supporting drag & drop, copy & paste, etc.

observing log project manager
Organize and View Observations using the Observing Log Project Manager