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Deep-Sky Planner 4

Activation Code Request

warnActivation codes are returned via e-mail shortly (not instantly.)

Please be sure that your security software and/or spam filters will permit delivery of e-mail messages from

You can use the web form below to request an activation code instead of using the 'Request Activation Code by E-mail' feature of the Software Activator. This is useful if you use web mail (like gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail) instead of an e-mail client program on your computer (like Thunderbird or Outlook Express), or if your security software is causing problems when requesting an activation code.

Note: You will still need to use the Software Activator to register the activation code on your computer after it is returned to you via e-mail.

Request a license activation code for Deep-Sky Planner.
The activation code is returned by e-mail in less than 24 hours.
Product Key
Enter your product key as it appears on a sticker inside your CD case.  It is also shown on the Software Activator screen and on Deep-Sky Planner's Help | Product Key screen if you have entered it there before.
Computer Code
Enter your computer code it is shown on the Software Activator screen.  Make sure that you are running the Software Activator on the same computer that your are requesting the activation code for.
E-mail address

Enter the e-mail address where you want the activation code sent.

*If you don't receive an e-mail from within 24 hours, please check your spam or junk e-mail folders.