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SQM Reader Pro 2

Video Library

Product video tutorials are presented in Adobe Flash. If you don't have Adobe Flash Player for your browser, you can download it by clicking below:
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You can watch a video in the library by clicking the appropriate link below. There is a brief delay while the video player begins to load the video. You can start the video at your convenience.

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Version 2 Overview

Watch a overview of some of the latest features in SQM Reader Pro 2, including:

  • configure the meter installation, data collection and graphing
  • configure data storage in native CSV format files and Skyglow Observations Standard format files
  • configure transfer of files to an FTP server
  • contribute readings to the SQM Readings Map page at
  • configure custom post processing of files by scripts, batch files or programs
  • display readings, statistics, graphs and status messages
Full resolution video
(15 minutes) hosted on on

Part 1
Low resolution video
(8 minutes) hosted on on youtube

Part 2
Low resolution video
(8 minutes) hosted on on youtube

Skyglow Observations Standard File Format: A Leap Forward for Dark Sky Research Background and description of the Skyglow Standard format, and why it is so important for understanding light pollution. Full resolution video (4:30) hosted on on Low resolution video (4:30) hosted on on youtube

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