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SQM Reader Pro 1
Product Support

SQM Reader Pro 1 is no longer under active development. It has been superceded by SQM Reader Pro 2.


To retrieve updates for SQM Reader Pro, make sure that you have entered your product key either during installation or using the Help | Product Key dialog box in SQM Reader Pro. Once your product key has been entered, click Check for Updates on the help menu to determine whether an update is available. Next, click Get Update to download the update file to your computer. Finally, run the update file to apply the update.

Update History

Update to v released 5 May 2011. Change log shows - issue number: description (resolved by) resolution.
SQM Reader Pro - 0000048: [Meter Configuration] Decimal values entered for latitude, longitude throw exception when regional settings' decimal separator is comma (pkl) - closed.
  - 0000049: [Other] Add sticky window support for main window. (pkl) - closed.
  - 0000050: [Configuration] Add command line option to load a specified configuration (INI file). (pkl) - closed.
See Knowledgebase article for details.
  - 0000051: [Other] Add maximize button to program window. (pkl) - closed.
  - 0000052: [Send Data] Add FTP connection timeout override (pkl) - closed.
SQM Reader Pro Help Add documentation for FTP connection timeout; updated to v
Update to v released 15 Dec 2010 - bug fix and new feature
SQM Reader Pro Reading fails on computers with non-standard date format for Windows locale.
  Do not terminate reading when a file sharing error occurs while storing data or JPEG files. Log the error and continue reading.
SQM Reader Pro Help Add documentation for change in file sharing error handling; updated to v
Update to v released 25 Aug 2010 - bug fix and new feature
SQM Reader Pro Add offset for meter enclosure.
  Messagebox showing 'Connection reset by peer' error terminates continuous reading after start of data collection.
Software Activator Activation fails because computer code changes before code is installed.
  Version number displayed in status bar.
SQM Reader Pro Help Add documentation for meter enclosure; updated to v
Update to v released 8 Dec 2009 - bug fix

SQM Reader Pro,
SQM Activator

Programs crash on startup under rare circumstances.
Update to v 1.1.1 released 1 Dec 2009 - bug fix
SQM Reader Pro Correct problem communicating with serial port COM10 and above.
Update to v1.1.0 released 28 Nov 2009 - new features
SQM Reader Pro Add support for SQM-LU and LR.
  No longer need Administrative privileges to store the Product Key.

Activation code request and installation can now be done over a reboot.

** Do not request an activation code with Software Activator version and install it with version Installation of the code will fail.

Software Activator Updated to v
SQM Reader Pro Help Add documentation for new meters; updated to v
Update to v1.0.2 released 28 April 2009 - bug fixes and new feature
SQM Reader Pro Access Violation when triggering a hint or graphed data point value display when using remote PC control such as LogMeIn, RADMIN, UltraVNC or pcAnywhere.
  Potential Access Violation when decrypting FTP password.
  Small memory leak when reading and writing FTP password file.
  Add Show Hints menu item.
SQM Reader Pro Help Updated to v