The Home window acts as the main menu for navigating among the app's features. You may scroll the screen if the feature buttons do not all fit on the screen. Each feature is described below.

Feature Description
Plans Presents a list of all Observing Plan documents stored on the device. A few sample plans ship with the app and others may be added from the Community or from a Cloud Service. Choose an observing plan from the list and open it in a viewer. Ephemeral data items are calculated when you open the plan and may be refreshed at any time.
Locations Presents a list of observing locations. You can add a location or import a list from a Cloud Service. You can select a location appropriate for your observing session.
Locations are required for viewing accurate ephemeral data in an observing plan.
Equipment Presents a list of observing equipment - instruments, cameras and more. You can import equipment lists from the Community or from a Cloud Service and select the proper items to match your observing session.
Equipment is required for visibility modeling.
Conditions Presents a list of sky conditions (transparency, darkness and seeing). You can change these to match your observing conditions. Sky Conditions are used by visibility modeling.
Cloud Import Presents the files on a Cloud Service and allows you to import them. Choose a supported cloud storage service, sign in and select files for download. Files are transferred to your device and imported into the app. You may view the imported data in its appropriate viewer (Plans, Locations, Equipment).
Community Presents resources in the Deep-Sky Planner Community. These include observing plan files (the Plan Library) and equipment lists (the Equipment Library). Choose a file and download it to your device. View plans using Plans and equipment using Equipment.
Settings Presents app settings and allows you to change them.
Help Presents this help system.

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