The Equipment window allows you to enter data that describe your telescopes, cameras and the like. The selected items are used to calculate a visibility model for each object in an observing plan.

The window includes an information pane at the top summarizing the selected combination of equipment. If a camera is selected in the equipment panels, the information pane shows Imaging Setup Summary and details appropriate for imaging; otherwise, the information pane shows Visual Setup Summary and details appropriate for visual observing. The summary panel is followed by collapsible panels for each type of equipment. Tap the down arrow at the right of the panel to expand its contents or the up arrow to collapse its contents.

Digital Setting Circles

Digital Setting Circles allows you to configure a DSC device for wireless PushTo operation.

Instruments, Eyepieces, Cameras, Filters, Barlows, Observers

These panels display items currently defined in the database. Items may be defined in Deep-Sky Planner Desktop Edition and transferred to the Mobile Edition using the Cloud Import feature. Items may also be downloaded from the Deep-Sky Planner Community.

You can delete an item from an equipment panel by swiping an item (left or right) and tapping the Delete button. If a confirmation box is shown, you must tap Yes to delete the item. Note that the 'None' and 'Unspecified' items cannot be deleted.

Visual Setup Summary

Imaging Setup Summary

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