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Deep-Sky Planner 8

Activation Help

License activation is required to use the product past the 30-day grace period. If you have a live Internet connection on the computer that needs to have a license activation, the process can be done entirely online in a few seconds, or it can be done by e-mail.

Activate Online

To activate the license online, run the Software Activator. The correct product key Deep-Sky Planner version 8 must be entered. Then click Activate Online.

Activate by E-Mail

Activating your license by e-mail is a two-step process. First, you must request an activation code from Knightware, then you must register the code on your computer. The Software Activator (the Activator) helps with both steps of the process. Please see the privacy statement.


Deep-Sky Planner's software license agreement grants users a license to use the software. Users do not own the software, and this is normal practice.

You may use all features of the product during the 30 day activation grace period, but you are encouraged to activate your license at your earliest convenience so that you may use your software without interruption. You can determine how many days remain on your activation grace period by looking in the Help | About box in Deep-Sky Planner. Deep-Sky Planner will remind you to activate during the final week of your activation grace period.

You must perform both of the following steps on the same computer!

Step 1: Request Activation Code

Please be sure that your e-mail address is typed correctly, and that your security software and/or spam filters will permit delivery of your activation code message from These are the leading reasons for not receiving your activation code promptly.

Step 2: Install Activation Code

Once you receive the e-mail response containing your activation code:

If you have difficulty activating your license, please contact Knightware Support.