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Connecting Nexus DSC to Deep-Sky Planner

The Nexus DSC digital setting circles device can be used with Deep-Sky Planner for the Push To operation. Observing plans can be exported to Nexus DSC, but they must be transferred to Nexus DSC via micro SD card rather than by communication connection. See Deep-Sky Planner Help for more details about using these features, and for information about communication connection settings.

The connection from your computer to the Nexus DSC can be a simple wireless connection (example 1 below), or a wired connection (examples 2 and 3 below). If you are using a wireless connection, the Nexus DSC appears to your computer as a wireless access point that you must join to complete the connection.

New in version 7: a direct wireless connection may be created by Deep-Sky Planner so that intermediate software (e.g. Com2Tcp, HW VSP) is unnecessary.