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Connecting Argo Navis to Deep-Sky Planner

The Argo Navis digital setting circles device can be used with Deep-Sky Planner for the Push To operation, and for exporting and sending observing plans to the user's catalog in the Argo Navis. See Deep-Sky Planner Help for more details about using these features, and for information about communication connection settings.

The connection from your computer to the Argo Navis can be wired (examples 1 and 2 below), or wireless (example 3 below.) The wireless example includes a SkyFi unit supplied by Simulation Curriculum. See this article for information about connecting your computer wirelessly to SkyFi.

New in version 7: a direct wireless connection may be created by Deep-Sky Planner so that intermediate software (e.g. Com2Tcp, HW VSP) is unnecessary.