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Generating A Horizon Model with a Script

A Deep-Sky Planner user contributed scripts and a procedure that creates a highly accurate horizon model using a DSLR on a tripod and either TheSky6 or TheSkyX. The procedure was developed originally with Deep-Sky Planner 6 but works with Deep-Sky Planner 7. The method is described on the Knightware Blog.

Format of the data produced by TheSky6 is different from that produced by TheSkyX, so you must use the correct script for your version of TheSky.

The downloadable package below contains scripts written in Python 2.7.11 and example input files produced by TheSky6 and TheSkyX. The output file produced by the scripts is also included. If you don't have Python, you can download it for no charge.

Knightware thanks Deep-Sky Planner user Mark L. for sharing the scripts and the procedure.

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