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Importing Observing Plans in CSV Format into Deep-Sky Planner 7

Deep-Sky Planner 7 can import object designations, common names and user defined fields from a delimited text files. Usage of the import tool is described in online Help.

If you are having problems importing the final object from a CSV file, it is most likely that the last line of text in the file is not terminated by CR LF characters. The parsing engine requires that each line be terminated with CR LF characters, or the line of text is ignored. This problem is illustrated below:

import observing plan

The content of the CSV file is displayed in the Preview pane, but the Status pane shows that the final line (M 5) is not imported. The final line of the import file does not end with the CR LF characters as shown in the open source text editor Notepad++:

observing plan file CSV format

To fix this problem, open the CSV format file in a text editor and place the cursor at the end of the last line in the file and press the Enter key. This inserts the CR LF characters at the end of the last line. Importing the file again should include the final object in the file.