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Using Deep-Sky Planner 7 with Cartes du Ciel 3

If Cartes du Ciel 3 (CdC3) is not started before performing the Show Chart command in Deep-Sky Planner, Deep-Sky Planner will attempt to start it. If there is a problem with Show Chart and CdC3, the problem is likely to be one of the following:

Deep-Sky Planner message


Deep-Sky Planner could not connect to Cartes du Ciel 3. Cartes du Ciel 3 must be running to accept the Show Chart command.

CdC3 is not installed, or Deep-Sky Planner could not find it.

  • Make sure CdC3 is installed properly for the Windows account from which you run Deep-Sky Planner.
  • Start CdC3 before doing Show Chart.

Cartes du Ciel 3 did not accept the Show Chart command

Deep-Sky Planner cannot connect with CdC3, or CdC3 did not respond as expected.

  • System security might have prevented communication. Make sure your firewall permits TCP communication between CdC3 and Deep-Sky Planner.
  • CdC3 did not understand a command sent by Deep-Sky Planner, or CdC3 understood commands sent by Deep-Sky Planner but returned an unexpected response. This occured with beta versions of CdC3. Verify that you are using a stable, post-beta version of CdC3, for example v3.4.
  • The connection between CdC3 and Deep-Sky Planner dropped while the Show Chart command was being processed. This is highly unlikely and may indicate an unstable network connection between the two programs, a power sag or failure, or a socket communication timeout.