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How can I publish my observations to the web?

You can publish either the Brief or Detailed Observing Log reports in HTML format to the web. The example below describes publishing imaging observations made during a single observing session in Detailed format.


  1. Open a new Detailed Observing Log document by clicking the Detailed Log button on the main tool bar or by selecting File | New | Detailed Observing Log on the main menu.
  2. On the General tab, select Yes in the Has Image Attached box. This excludes observations with no image attached from the report. Leave other selection options at their default settings.
  3. On the Session tab, select On in the By Date box and choose the desired session date from the drop down list. This excludes observations made during any other session.
  4. On the Project tab, select Ignore.
  5. Leave all selection options on the Equipment, Sky Conditions and Weather Conditions tabs at their default settings.
  6. Press Search to display the report on-screen.
  7. Export the report, including images, to HTML for web publication by clicking the HTML button on the main tool bar or by selecting File | Export | Export HTML on the main menu. The report is saved to the folder and file name that you specify in the standard Save dialog box. The images will be saved in a sub-folder called images. For example, if you choose to save the HTML report to Jan01.htm in C:\My Website, the file Jan01.htm is created in C:\My Website and a sub-folder containing all images is created at C:\My Website\images.
  8. Transfer the HTML report file and the images sub-folder created in the previous step to your web site.