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What does "Your Deep-Sky Planner database cannot be found" mean when I start Deep-Sky Planner?

Question: When I start Deep-Sky Planner I'm told that my database cannot be found. Why can't it be found?

: That message indicates that Deep-Sky Planner cannot find its database file. Either the file has been removed from the folder in which it was installed, or Windows User Account Control is preventing access to the folder in which the file is installed.

You must be logged into Windows under an account for which Deep-Sky Planner is installed. If you aren't and UAC is enabled, you will not be able to access the folder or the database file.

If you have not recorded any information in the observing log, the quickest solution may be to uninstall Deep-Sky Planner and then re-install it under your Windows account. You may need to reactivate your license depending on circumstances.

If you have saved observations to the log that you want to keep, you should check to see that the database file is present on your hard drive. You must have sufficient Windows privileges to view the folder in which the database is installed. The database file should be located at either:

Single User Install

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Deep-Sky Planner 7\Database\Dsp.mdb

All Users Install

C:\Public\Documents\Deep-Sky Planner 7\Database\Dsp.mdb

Dsp.mdb should be at least 435 MB in size. If it is absent, you should uninstall Deep-Sky Planner and re-install it from CD or the original setup file..