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Deep-Sky Planner Awards & Reviews


Deep-Sky Planner 6 received Sky & Telescope magazine's Hot Product award for 2014.Click here (Acrobat reader) to see the article in the January 2014 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. Deep-Sky Planner 6 received Astronomy magazine's Star Product award for 2013. Please see the article in the September 2013 issue of Astronomy magazine.
deep-sky planner hot product
Star Product 2013
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Published Reviews

DSO 174

Deep-Sky Planner 7 is reviewed in the Winter 2016 issue (#174) of The Deep-Sky Observer, Quarterly Journal of the Webb Deep-Sky Society

July 2015 S&T

Deep-Sky Planner 6 is reviewed in the July issue of Sky &Telescope magazine

The Deep-Sky Observer issue 174 (Quarterly journal of the Webb Deep-Sky Society: Winter 2016), Deep-Sky Planner 7: A Review pdf by Jonathan Gale.

"From my perspective, DSP is a comprehensive planning and logging system which is worth anyone’s time and money to employ in their observing life."

July 2016 online article by Rod Mollise, The New Deep Sky Planner

"...the new release of one of the best astronomy software programs there ever has been, Deep Sky Planner."

"This is one of the most professional looking (and operating) astronomy programs I’ve run across. Also worth noting is the high level of user support Phyllis provides. Sometimes that is just as important as the features of the program itself."

July 2015 issue Sky & Telescope magazine, "Making Plans: Deep-Sky Planner 6" by Rod Mollise.

"I won't hesitate to say Deep-Sky Planner 6 was one of the most professional, best-working astronomy programs I'd used in a while..."

"Using Deep-Sky Planner 6, I'm seeing more objects ... I'm seeing more detais than ever in those objects."

July/August 2013 issue Astronomy Technology Today magazine, Deep-Sky Planner v6 and the DewBuster Controller pdf by Rod Mollise

" of the big draws of the new version is that [the author] has put a lot of work into correcting errors in the program's catalogs."

"... what impressed me most was that the program's performande seemed noticeably better."

"I liked Deep-Sky Planner 6 better, much better, than its predecessor."

March/April 2012 issue Astronomy Technology Today magazine, Get a Plan: Deep-Sky Planner Version 5.1 pdf by Rod Mollise

"The bottom line? I love Deep-Sky Planner. Not only does it have tons of features, it has very good bones. It never crashed. It never did crazy things. It just worked." -- Rod Mollise

Spring 2012 issue Amateur Astronomy magazine, "You Gotta Get Organ-i-ized" by Rod Mollise.

"I've been more impressed by Deep-Sky Planner than I have by any astro-soft of any type I've tried in a long time." -- Rod Mollise

Deep-Sky Planner 5 was reviewed by Steve Richards in Sky At Night magazine (Feb 2011).

"Deep-Sky Planner has the least cluttered user interface of all the programs reviewed."

"... a well-rounded package that admirably carried out the task of planning and locating objects to observe." -- Steve Richards

Deep-Sky Planner 4 has received positive reviews from several online and printed publications. These include:


Press Releases

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