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Knightware released
Deep-Sky Planner 8
on 11 November 2020.

An update to Deep-Sky Planner 8 was released 22 May 2021.

Deep-Sky Planner 8 Trial Edition is available now by digital download.


Introducing Deep-Sky Planner 8

Introducing the latest version of award winning Deep-Sky Planner.
Observe and image more in less time.™


2014 astronomy software award
2013 astronomy software award

Deep-Sky Planner 8 is here! Version 8 brings updated and expanded professional catalog data to you and lots of new features. Deep-Sky Planner 8 makes your imaging and visual observing faster, easier and more accurate.

You can watch the brief introduction video below that highlights some of the new features, or you can read read about them further below. There is also more information on the Product Info page.

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New support has been added for browsing and downloading observing plans and equipment lists from the Deep-Sky Planner Community on the Knightware website. There are hundreds of plans and new ones are added weekly. Equipment lists are updated less frequently.



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