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Installation Help

There are several different installations possible for Deep-Sky Planner.  With any option listed below, each login account has its own set of data files, i.e., separate observing logs, locations, search and calculation requests.  You specify the account(s) to receive the installation in the Customer Information screen of the setup program under "Install this application for".

 If you want to install the product on a computer having:

a single login account   no special action needed
multiple accounts where
only one account will use the product
  install "Just for me"; not recommended for Limited accounts
multiple accounts where
some accounts will use the product
  for each account that needs access, install "Just for me"; not recommended for Limited accounts
multiple accounts where
all accounts will use the product
(not recommended for Vista)
  install "for All Users" under an Administrative account; each account that needs access must have the installation 'Repaired' before use.  Limited accounts are ok.  See InstallHelp.rtf for detailed instructions.

Special Instructions for Windows 2000/XP

These instructions apply to installations for All Users under Windows 2000/XP.

If you install for All Users, you must do so from an account with Administrator privileges.  This will set up the program for all login users and create the data folders and files for this (Administrator) account under My Documents\My DSP4 Files\.  You should run Deep-Sky Planner from this (Administrator) account the first time, and when activating the license.

The first time you run Deep-Sky Planner from another login account with Limited or Poweruser privileges, you may receive: