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Deep-Sky Observing

Deep-Sky Planner allows you to search through a database of over 857,000 deep-sky objects from 26 deep-sky catalogs and report results in a tabular format. The database includes brightest emission line data for planetary nebulae which allows you to choose the best optical or narrowband filter for each object. In addition to essential object data, the contents of a report can be configured to include or exclude any item (column) of data.

The star atlases cross referenced in Deep-Sky Planner's deep-sky observing reports include:

Click here to see a list of catalogs that can be searched with deep-sky observing reports in Deep-Sky Planner.

Search criteria available in deep-sky observing reports include:

The results can be sorted in any combination of ascending or descending order of any one or more data items (columns) in the report.

You can also:

report Example deep-sky observing report shows NGC galaxies in the western sky on the evening of Nov 16, 2012 brighter than mag 12. The report is sorted by ascending best time to view.