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SQM Reader Pro 2

Installation Help

Before Installation

Before you install SQM Reader Pro you should:

A Note about Windows UAC Security

SQM Reader Pro 2 is designed to run under a Windows user account having standard or administrative privileges, and with User Account Control (UAC) enabled. Knightware does not recommend installing under the Guest account. Microsoft recommends that users of Vista or later perform everyday tasks running under an account with standard privileges to assure a "more secure user experience." SQM Reader Pro 2 meets that requirement.


If you received the software by digital delivery (download), run the file SqmPro2Setup.exe. If you received the software on CD, insert the CD into your drive. The Windows AutoRun facility should automatically start the setup; if it doesn’t, find SqmPro2Setup.exe in the root folder of the CD and run it.

License Agreement

You must accept the agreement to proceed. If you do not wish to accept it, the setup will terminate. The license agreement allows installation on up to 3 computers if each is used primarily by one person. You may also install for more than one Windows account on each computer (using the Just for Me installation option).

Choose Users

Select either Just for Me (recommended) or Anyone using this computer. To understand which to choose, please read this.

Customer Information

You may enter a User Name and Organization. These are optional. They appear in the About dialog in SQM Reader Pro.

You may enter your product key here, or later within SQM Reader Pro or the Software Activator.

Destination Folder

Windows will suggest an installation folder depending on how you are installing (see Install for Just Me or All Users). You may change this if you like.

Choose Start Menu Folder

The installation program suggests the folder name SQM Reader Pro 2 for your Start Menu. All product shortcuts are available from this folder in your Windows Start Menu.

Click install to perform the installation.


Install ' Just for me' or 'Anyone using this computer'?

SQM Reader Pro 2 can be installed for single Windows account(s) (Install just for me) or for all accounts on the computer (Install for anyone using this computer). Knightware recommends that you Install using the 'Just for me' option to avoid maintenance issues associated with the 'Anyone using this computer' option. Please note that regardless of which installation option you choose, SQM Reader Pro 2 can be used in a Windows account with standard or administrative privileges.

Install just for me (recommended) installs program files and other user files in folders accessible by the current user as permitted by UAC. This installation option provides the smoothest and most secure user experience.

  • You must have administrative privileges to install the software.
  • You do not need administrative privileges to apply software updates.
  • You do not need administrative privileges to activate the software license.

You can also install multiple copies of SQM Reader Pro 2 on a single computer if you want to keep separate data files and settings for multiple users. To install multiple copies on your computer, choose the 'Just for me' type of installation; install the software and activate the license while logged into each user's Windows account . An entire copy of the product (code and data) is installed for, and is accessible by, each account for which the product is installed. This method requires that each installation be maintained (installed and updated) separately within each user account.

Do NOT mix one or more 'Just for me' installations on the same computer with an 'Anyone using this computer' installation.

Installing for anyone using this computer places user files in folders accessible by any user of the computer, but one copy of the program is placed in the Program Files folder. Standard Windows accounts cannot modify files in this folder. These important consideration apply:

  • You must have administrative privileges to install the software.
  • You must have administrative privileges to apply software updates.
  • You must activate the license for each user account that accesses the software.

In Summary


What about?

Knowing how you installed the software is necessary information in troubleshooting some problems. If you have forgotten how you installed SQM Reader Pro, go to Help | About. The gray area beneath the image and copyright information shows either Installed for Single User ('Just for me' option) or Installed for All Users. ('Anyone using this computer' option).


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