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Using Deep-Sky Planner 8 with Stellarium

These instructions were made using Stellarium version 0.20.3

* If the configure button does not work, then a firewall on your computer is preventing Stellarium from communicating with Deep-Sky Planner. Stellarium Remote Control uses, port 8090 by default. If you use Windows Firewall, open that utility and add a rule for Stellarium that permits it to communicate on your Private Network.

Manual Plug-in Installation

A plug-in ships with Deep-Sky Planner (Dsp8Stel.ssc) that resolves a minor issue that may occur when you use Stellarium. When an object is selected in Stellarium, the object information is shown on the planetarium display. When you do a subsequent Show Chart in Deep-Sky Planner, the info may remain on screen even though the display position moves. This may be confusing. The plug-in is used to clear the object selection in Stellarium when a Show Chart command is processed so that the object information is removed from the planetarium display.

The plug-in file needs to be copied to your Stellarium\scripts folder when Deep-Sky Planner 8 is installed, or later as described below.