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Using Deep-Sky Planner 7 with Starry Night

This article describes some recommendations for using Deep-Sky Planner 7 with Starry Night 6 & 7 on Windows 7, 8, or 10 (32 or 64 bit).

Always start Starry Night before attempting a Show Chart command in Deep-Sky Planner. Program interoperation requires elevated runtime privileges. If you have problems connecting to Starry Night from Deep-Sky Planner, the problem is most likely one of the following:

  1. Starry Night is not running
  2. Starry Night did not load the Deep-Sky Planner plug-in. Check Help | About Plug-in | Deep-Sky Planner and verify that you are running the plug-in for Deep-Sky Planner 7
  3. Starry Night is not running as administrator
  4. Deep-Sky Planner is not running as adminstrator

Deep-Sky Planner 7 has been tested with Starry Night 7.x Pro Plus and Starry Night 6.4.3 Pro Plus

New: September 2018

Starry Night requires a change to the name of the Deep-Sky Planner plug-in. If you have problems performing Show Chart in Deep-Sky Planner with Starry Night or later, please change the name of the Deep-Sky Planner 7 plug-in in the Starry Night ...\Sky Data\Plug-ins\ folder from

DsSN70.plug to DsSN70_Win32.plug

Restart Starry Night and verify that the plug-in has loaded successfully by checking Help | About Plug-in | Deep-Sky Planner. If this menu item does not appear, Starry Night has not loaded the plug-in successfully.